Your Dream Home: if you could add one extra room or space to your property, what would you choose?

This week, the hot topic amongst the Your Move marketing team is:

If you could add one additional room/ space to your property, what would it be?

To settle a debate across the team, we’ve decided to open it up to the public to decide.

Everyone who votes for whichever room/ space receives the most votes will go in to to a prize draw to win a £50 Love to Shop voucher!

Emma,Your Move’s Brand Manager, said she would choose a balcony:

“There’s nothing more satisfying than throwing open the balcony doors on a summers morning and enjoying your morning coffee al-fresco with a view, or enjoying a glass of red from above and watching as the sun sets.”


This property in Bognor Regis does not dissapoint on views- with its perfect balcony peering straight over on to the ocean. 

Alex would choose a stable (with horses included) in a property with lots of land, where she could ride to her hearts content, just like this idyllic rural Maidstone property, which has 17 acres of land:


Jonathan, our resident rugby and fitness fan, said he would love nothing more than his very own, fully equipped home gym, just like the one in the fantastic property we have for sale in Stafford, where he could escape the ‘New Years resolution gym-goers’ who ‘clog up the equipment in January and never come back until the following year!’

Home gym

Sophie, Emarketing Officer and water baby, said she would choose a swimming pool, where she would float around on a lilo sipping pina coladas all year round. This property in Devon has an amazing pool and jacuzzi which would be perfect for that:

Swimming pool

Our Marketing Executive Lydia would choose a wine cellar that would make all of her friends green with envy- and enable her to throw the best parties in town! She loves this unique wine cellar found in our stunning London property:

Wine cellar

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