YM Rental33It can be difficult for tenants to put their stamp on their rental property, particularly in winter when there’s nothing better than cosy nights in at home! Take a look at our top tips for making your rental home feel like home.

Don’t forget that if you are wishing to undertake any decorating you will need to get permission from your landlord.

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  • Use soft furnishings to make your mark. Choose an accent colour or jazzy pattern and use curtains and cushions to tie this in. This is particularly useful if you live in furnished accommodation.
  • If you choose a non-furnished property you will be able to purchase your own furniture to your own taste.
  • Have you heard about temporary wall and tile decals, these simply stick on to walls or bathroom tiles and peel off when you leave.
  • Display art and photos – don’t forget to check you are ok to pop nails in the wall before you do so. If you’re not allowed to do this, explore other options such as displaying art by standing frames on your fireplace and any shelves.
  • Accessorize – use quirky and stylish accessories such as colourful rugs and floor lamps.
  • Pick up some plants – plants are perfect for livening up any space.
  • Get creative with storage – whilst you may not be able to put up shelves, consider ladder style shelves that simply lean against walls or IKEA do some great free standing shelving units that can provide a great backdrop to a room once filled with books, dvds and pictures.
  • Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space, you can lean these against walls rather than hang them up.
  • If your landlord has given you permission to decorate, make sure that you also check if they are expecting you to return the property to its original condition when you move out. You might not want to redecorate a property that you are leaving!

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