Whether you’re buying, selling, letting out a property, or even staying put, smaller garden areas such as terrace yards can still be attractive and comfortable places to enjoy. They just require a little inspiration and maintenance. Looking at some examples of properties currently on the market, here are our top tips on how to get creative with those smaller spaces.

Clear the space

As spaces like these are often paved, they quickly become covered in weeds or cluttered with stuff. This property in York is an example of how keeping tabs on weeding and cleaning those paving slabs creates a clear space for potential furniture and potted plants. The addition of the hanging basket, and coordinating the colours of the shed, garden gate and storage units gives that extra touch.

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Two bedroom terrace house, York 

Colourful, comfortable seating 

This three bedroom property in Sheffield has got the right idea. Lighten the space up with bright flowers, and vibrant cushions on outdoor seating to make your garden a great spot for socialising with friends and family. Another great addition could be some outdoor lighting or fairy lights for those summer evenings. 

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Three bedroom terrace house, Sheffield 

Personalised paving 

If decking and plants aren’t your thing, why not add some personality to your paving tiles? Check out this example from a Doncaster property. Incorporating the image of the sun and purple slate chippings makes this space attractive without the burden of lots of maintenance. 

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Three bedroom semi-detached house, Doncaster

Pick a theme

This is the ultimate way to get creative with your terrace yard or small garden area. Pick a theme and incorporate it into every detail of your garden design. We love this example from a property in Cumbria. The space has adopted a nautical/seaside theme, with rowing oars as wall decor, a roped patio, and a blue painted door – not to mention the carefully placed seaside pebbles. This is a perfect example of how to take those small garden spaces to the next level!

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Three bedroom house, Millom, Cumbria

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