With more people coming to accept that they will be spending a lot more time at home than they anticipated, some might be questioning the suitability of their existing home and whether now is the time to make a move?.

The suggestion is that having a home office, a garden or being close to open countryside will far out way previous priorities such as being close to good entertainment venues or transport routes. Yet, whilst the dream of owning that idyllic place in the country, or working from home on a more permanent basis, might seem very appealing, it’s important that buyers are realistic and question what a new home and lifestyle might bring.

Moving to the countryside?  Consider potential costs:  Don’t forget that, whilst you might want, or be forced,  to spend more time at home there may be times when you want to go further afield and it’s important to consider the impact this might have on your travel costs. Taxi’s, petrol, buses may all cost more as might council taxes, insurances and utilities. Try to find out what they might be.

Escape to the country

Working from home? Check out broadband speeds, whether the property is energy efficient and whether there could be outside disturbance which could distract you. Consider too where you’ll base your office/study (ideally away from busy areas within the house) and, should future business trips be possible, whether you still have access to good transport routes.

Office space and good transport links

Doing it for the children? Make sure you are still in local school catchment areas and consider if there is access to a garden, local parks, play areas, cycle routes or amenities that they might value. A local shop is also often welcome for families. Don’t forget teenagers too. A change in location can mean they can’t see their friends as much or have to travel further to college or school, accept that they will need to be considered in any move and how you might help them.

Primary school within walking distance

Going it alone?  Consider what the local community may be like and if there are any local groups you can join, what the access to gyms or other local facilities are like and also where you might entertain friends and family in your new home – especially as more people begin to consider the alternatives to going out.

Communal garden – could be ideal for those going it alone

All in all the prospect of making a move to a new home or location, and embarking on a different lifestyle, can be really exciting but equally quite daunting. Having a true understanding about what’s important to you (possibly drawing on recent experiences) should help as well as  gathering as much information as possible about properties for sale from the outset and, of course, working with an agent like Your Move who really puts their customers first

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