Artisans are using them as studios and gardeners are adorning them with flowers.

The shed has never had it so good — but, then, I am a true devotee. My husband, Dave, and I inherited a very tired shed when we bought our house in Guildford, Surrey.

It came with no door and a roof that was caving in and I immediately loved it. Dave is a skilled DIY-er so he got to work fixing it up and I stained the exterior with Tudor Black Oak wood stain by Ronseal. 

Garden glamour: A summer house in Surrey. Sheds are a brilliant way to add extra space and value to your property

Garden glamour: A summer house in Surrey. Sheds are a brilliant way to add extra space and value to your property

Now, six years, later, I have written Shed Style, which I hope will inspire others to join the shed gang. I gather my inspiration from visiting my favourite gardens.

The interior of ours is quite rustic. I have pinned up botanical posters and I like to display my second-hand tools, which I find at car boot sales and charity shops, on rusty hooks. 

I use a vintage French metal table outside with an array of potted up plants mixed with wooden crates and lanterns to give the exterior some charm. So here are some ideas for your own perfect shed…

The Summer House

When I think about summer houses, I often imagine a calming interior, somewhere to cool off, relax and unwind.

To create a tranquil space, use a muted colour palette, soft naturals, off-white and delicate grey mixed with natural elements such as seagrass rugs or carpet. 

For a romantic style, use a selection of antique and vintage French furniture, which can be found at fairs and flea markets. 

If your space is roomy enough, add a sofa or daybed and some cushions.

Where to get it: Malvern summer houses from, £2,140, malverngardenbuildings.

Recycled Retreat

If you love the idea of recycling old building materials, you could have a go at constructing your own garden retreat. 

Or have fun sourcing the materials from salvage yards then commissioning a builder to put it all together.

Another option is to give an existing building some recycled style by cladding the interior walls with, say, wood saved from delivery pallets. 

When sourcing items such as corrugated metal sheeting, which can be used on the roof or to clad the walls of your structure, it’s a good idea to get to know your local junk or salvage dealers; costs can vary depending on condition.

Where to get it: Try or Google to find a salvage yard.

Shepherd’s Hut

Yes, David Cameron is famous for owning one, but don’t let that put you off. 

Vintage shepherd’s huts have become garden boltholes and so popular that finding the genuine article is rare these days.

But there are plenty of artisan makers, creating bespoke new huts in the old traditional style. 

These wagons are certainly an investment and will require a fairly big space in your garden, but if fitted with a log-burning stove, they can be used year round and would suit anyone looking for a cosy hideaway.

Where to get it: from £15,900.

Customised Shed

Step into your old shed this spring with a plan to make it a new space to hang out, craft or potter. 

You can easily customise something you already own, or invest in a new, off-the-peg potting shed.

Use paint or wood stain to transform and protect wooden structures from the elements. 

My preferred colours for exteriors are greens, black and deep dark tones of rust, but the beauty is you can tailor the colours to suit your own style.

Where to get it: B&Q wooden sheds start from £185,

Converted Office

Want to work from home? How about converting your shed into an office space or a creative studio. 

It will require some expertise to make sure all is watertight, and has power points and heating.

Style the space with items that will fuel your creativity, such as a moodboard of magazine cuttings and photos. 

Remember to set up a desk or work bench near a window where natural light can flood in.

Where to get it: Ask friends and family for recommendations for builders and electricians and take a few quotes.

  • Shed Style by Selina Lake (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99 is out now).


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