A grand Scottish castle with rumours of being haunted

Earlshall Castle was built in the mid-1500’s by Sir William Bruce, a member of the historic Lowlands Scottish clan Bruce.

Sir Bruce was a survivor of the famous Battle of Flodden, the largest battle in the history of Britain between the kingdoms of England and Scotland, and where James IV King of Scots lost his life.

A number of high calibre guests were hosted in this extraordinary courtyard castle, including Mary Queen of Scots and James VI of Scotland (who later became James I of England).

One of the most notorious Barons of Earlshall was Sir Andrew the “Bloody Bruce”, who earned his name by hacking off the hands and head of one of his enemies. It is said that his ghost haunts the castle, and that his footsteps can be heard from time to time going up and down the spiral stairs.

After several generations of the Bruce family, the castle was sold on but eventually became derelict.

It was in the late 1800’s that it was restored by none less than the renowned architect and designer Sir Robert Lorimer, considered by most as the greatest architect Scotland has ever produced.

The stunning walled garden designed by Lorimer is still there, and is truly something to behold.

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