At Your Move at any one time we have many properties throughout the country available to buy through shared ownership schemes and here’s a selection currently available:

Shared ownership is an option for those, mainly first time buyers, who don’t have a large enough deposit and level of income for the more usual routes into home ownership. With shared ownership you buy a share in a property and pay rent on the share you don’t own. You can usually buy more shares in the property until you own the whole property.

What is it?

  • Affordable way of buying a home
  • Part buy/part rent – you buy a share of the property and then pay rent on the part you don’t buy
  • Over time you can increase the proportion you own until you own the property outright

Who is eligible?

  • Now open to people of any occupation
  • Income considerations vary regionally between schemes, for example in London household income would need to be £90,000 or less
  • First time buyer or existing share owner

Why it could be for you…

  • Relatively small deposit as you only need a deposit for the part you buy
  • Relatively small mortgage as you only need it for the part you buy

Things to look out for…

  • There might be a service charge on the property
  • You will need a mortgage for your share of the purchase price
  • They are always leasehold properties
  • You can sell your property, but the housing provider has an eight week opportunity to find a buyer first if you don’t own the property outright
  • Not necessarily new build properties
  • You can buy from an existing shared owner but you have to buy at least the size of share that they own

For more information about shared ownership properties we currently have available, please contact your local Your Move branch >

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