The average price of a house in Scotland in December 2017 was £177,161 – according to the latest Your Move/Acadata Scottish House Price Index – that’s an increase of £7,582 over the year.

The rate of growth is double the rate seen in Britain over this period with only six out of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas seeing price falls in 2017.

East Dunbartonshire (which includes Glasgow suburbs) saw price rises of 12.2% over the year and a new average house price of £259,566. As a result is has the most expensive average house price in Scotland – overtaking Edinburgh which, after growth of 3.9% – has an average house price of £254,552.

Christine Campbell, Your Move’s Managing Director in Scotland said: “The combination of low interest rates, an unemployment rate lower than that of Great Britain and a number of schemes to assist buyers has contributed to ongoing demand for property. The problem remains, however, that there are not enough properties coming to market to sell – nor homes being built – which, in turn, is driving prices up. It’s important that, in the months to come, more emphasis should be placed on building homes – particularly those that are more affordable – to ensure that the market remains active and that any potential slowdown is avoided.”

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