If you’re searching for a property on Rightmove, the great news is we’ve just made it easier for you to organise your saved properties.

Whether you’re comparing different locations, exploring a range of options within your budget, or managing your viewings, our new feature will make it easier to keep track of your top choices.

Here’s how to create your own Property Lists via our website.

1. Adding a property to your list

Start your property search here. When you see a property you’d like to save, click on the heart icon.

Property alerts

When you save a property, you’ll be prompted to create an account or sign in to your My Rightmove account. In addition to being able to save properties and create lists, there are lots of other benefits to creating an account, including being able to sign up for instant property alerts, and saving your bespoke drawn search areas.

If you’ve used Property Lists before, you’ll be prompted to add the property you’d like to save to your most recently used list, or you can choose to create a new list.

2. How to create and customise your property lists

To create a new list, go to your My Rightmove account, select ‘create list’ and name it however you like.

If you already have properties saved within your account, click ‘add properties’ to choose the property, or properties, that you’d like to add to your list.

Property lists

How to edit your lists

Go to your ‘My Rightmove’ account to view all property lists.

You have the option to edit, remove or rename your lists here.

Property lists

To remove a property from your list, simply select the ones you no longer want to include and click ‘remove properties’.

To delete or rename an entire list, click on the ‘Edit’ icon and use the pop out window to complete.

Please note, Property Lists are currently only available on the Rightmove website, but will be coming to our Android and iOS apps soon.

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