A world-first in the move towards carbon zero, plastic-free and fuel-efficient homes is set to be built in Liverpool due to a pioneering research and development partnership launching in January 2022.

Not-for-profit environmental company, Changing Streams CIC is joining forces with one of the UK’s largest housing providers, Your Housing Group and The University of Liverpool to design and build six prototype houses, which they hope will provide a blueprint for sustainable home development worldwide.

Our partnership project is aimed at creating economically viable housing that is environmentally friendly in every way possible, whilst helping to eradicate fuel poverty – by significantly reducing running/heating costs.

The prototype houses will be based in the Liverpool City Region and will encompass six different solutions to tackle carbon, plastic pollution and fuel poverty. The first house will be designed and built to prioritise carbon reduction, the second to prioritise plastic reduction. The remaining four will be developed as a chain of hybrid carbon/plastic reduced homes that will be used to identify and address the potential clashes between these two objectives. Once built, six families will be asked to move into the homes and to work with the research team to understand how they function in everyday life.

The UK housing crisis has already led to Government stating that three million new social homes will be needed over the next 20 years to meet rising demands. This pioneering pilot could help provide answers as to how we can ensure these new homes are not only carbon-neutral, but also have reduced plastic.

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