Plans for London’s first alligator park have been scrapped after protests from residents and animal welfare groups.

The Standard revealed in January that developer Avanton wanted to create the attraction and educational centre within a Grade II listed disused gasholder in south east London.

It would have formed the centrepiece of a £230 million regeneration project at a former gasworks near Old Kent Road that included hundreds of new homes.

A spokesman for Avanton said: “The proposed alligator park was something devised along with several other options including a community park, and also a lido with water features.

“After consultation with both the council and local community, there was significant push-back on the alligator park concept, so it has been shelved.”

Katheryn Wise, World Animal Protection wildlife campaigns manager said: “We are pleased to hear that plans for an alligator park alongside a property development in London have been shelved following push back from the council, local community and World Animal Protection.

“Alligators are wild animals and should be in their natural environment, not living in a busy urban environment as part of a novelty commercial venture.

“We urge the developer to think twice in future before creating plans that include wildlife exploitation.”

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