A £1.5 billion masterplan to turn one of London’s oldest brewery sites into a Thameside “village” with 1,250 homes has been lodged with Sadiq Khan.

It is the latest attempt to win planning permission to develop the former Stag Brewery in Mortlake where brewing began as long ago as 1487 but which has been abandoned since Budweiser sold it five years ago.

Singapore-owned developers Reselton have rejigged earlier plans approved by Richmond council in January but called in by City Hall in May over “unacceptable” low levels of affordable housing.

The new scheme has almost doubled the percentage and also has cut the number of car parking spaces by nearly 200 to reduce its impact on local traffic.


Thameside village: rejigged proposals for the site of the former Stag Brewery in Mortlake have doubled the percentage of affordable homes

The overall number of homes has been increased from less than 900 to 1,250 making it one of the biggest residential developments in south-west London.

Levels of affordable housing have been raised from 18 per cent to 30 per cent with an extra 218 units. Of the total 356 affordable homes, 40 per cent are for social rent.

There will also be a new secondary school for up to 1,200 pupils as well as a cinema, hotel, offices, community hall and rowing club.

A spokesman for Dartmouth Capital Advisors, the London-based development managers for Reselton, said a significant number of the extra affordable homes “are smaller being aimed at younger or older buyers and have been partly absorbed into the previously proposed care village and nursing home that have been dispensed with”.

The 117-year-old brick maltings buildings overlooking the river will have restaurants and cafes at ground level with apartments above. It was built by former owner, the brewer Watney.

There were more than 100 objections to the original proposals mostly over levels of housing density, lack of affordable housing, increased levels of traffic and pollution in the area.

The Mortlake Brewery Community Group, which has been critical of the plans, said in a tweet: “We will be reviewing the amended scheme and posting our thoughts very shortly.”

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