Minimum standards for energy efficiency in rented properties

If the proposal goes ahead it will inevitably cause problems across the North East.  There is no doubt that it would be a good thing to improve energy efficiency in rented properties but banning the renting of homes with low energy efficiency may well be a clumsy way to improve the situation.

Landlords should not panic. At this stage it’s a proposal but it pays to be prepared. It would be worthwhile for Landlords to establish the energy efficiency of the property. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can be obtained quickly and at relatively low cost.  At Your Move Chris Stonock we can provide these for customers with a quick turnaround. Having obtained the energy rating the next thing to do is to establish the work that would be required to get the property up to standard. It is our understanding that there will be no specific requirements in terms of improvements provided the work raises the efficiency above the minimum requirement. Therefore a combination of relatively inexpensive work may well raise the standard to the required level.

At this stage our advice would be to monitor the progress of the legislation as changes could well be made. If an EPC is not available our advice to Landlords is to obtain one so at least you know as a Landlord whether this legislation will affect you. 

We will be following the progress of this proposal and further updates will follow.

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