The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home- where meals and memories are made, and where we laugh and cry over cups of tea (or glasses of wine).

However if in reality, like many of us in the UK, you live in a flat or terraced house, perhaps your kitchen doesn’t have much room to manoeuvre.

Or maybe your kitchen is too large or modern and you’re struggling to give it that cosy, homely feel that you wanted to achieve. 

According to our most successful estate agents, when it comes to buying property the kitchen is one of the main deal breakers for potential buyers when it comes making a purchase decision, which illustrates just how important the space is.

Whatever your kitchen woes, we’ve come up with some tips to maximize your kitchen and make the most of the space, however large or small it may be.

Type of kitchen: Galley kitchen

WOE 1) Not enough space

Traditional galley kitchens are often found in Victorian terraces. A common problem with this type of kitchen is lack of storage and cooking space.

One solution is clever planning.

For example, simply going with a single rather than double bowl for the sink can save you a foot or more of counter space.

A smaller kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t have the trendy appliances you lusted after either- high-end appliance makers such as Bertazzoni and Viking make small space models, meaning that you can have the style without the bulk.

Another top tip is having ceiling-height cabinets, as opposed to stopping a foot from the ceiling- as well as giving valuable extra storage, this design also helps visually expand the space.

WOE 2) No room for a kitchen table

Whilst there’s likely no room for a kitchen table in your galley kitchen, traditional terraces often have two reception rooms- use one of these for a dining room, so that you can still enjoy those all important kitchen moments with friends and family.  Fold away tables are great for making the most out of dining room space so the room can be used for an extra sitting room.

Type of kitchen: Modern and minimalist

WOE 1) Always looks messy

Whilst modern, minimalist kitchen designs, like in our beautiful 7 bed in Surrey, are stunning, the slightest bit of clutter/ signs of life can make the room look a tip in juxtaposition with the sleek design.

To make sure your kitchen looks its best, whether you’re buying, selling, or having friends over for dinner, be sure to make use of storage space by keeping clutter on worktops to a minimum. Only keep essential appliances on worktops, and keep the rest in cupboards.

Surrey kitchen

WOE 2) Looks soul-less

Modern kitchens that are all white can sometimes have that hotel feel – the key to making modern kitchens homely is injecting the personal touch with family photographs, artwork, soft furnishings, candles or whatever else makes you feel warm and cosy.

Adding a rug to the floor is the easiest way to liven up your flooring, drawing the eye and warming up your toes.

Low hanging lights will give the room an intimate ambiance, and adding soft seating, such as a sofa or banquette, will give a rustic homely feel.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the most out of your kitchen, whatever its shape or size, in order to create a space which is comfortable, practical and well organised for you to enjoy.

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