One of the things we love about working here at Rightmove is that we get a chance to see every type of property imaginable (just about).

From grand castles to tiny hobbit houses, we’ve seen homes in all shapes and sizes, some breath-taking, some bizarre, and some that come with the most incredible stories.

Like this houseboat being sold in London. It once belonged to Edith Piaf, one of the greatest stars France has ever produced.

The Flamant Rose (French for Pink Flamingo) was used on tours around France and Europe by the icon, and when docked at the Seine in Paris, is said to have been one of the singer’s hangout spots.

The luxurious one-bedroom yacht is known as the “Love Boat” because of rumours that it was used for Piaf’s romantic escapades with boxing middleweight champion Marcel Cerdan, who many believe was the love of her life.

The passionate affair was controversial and received lots of attention from newspapers, because Cerdan was a married man. He died tragically in a plane crash in 1949, when he was travelling to visit Edith in New York.

Apart from her timeless music, Edith Piaf was known for her strong personality, wit, and hedonistic lifestyle.

Though the Flamant Rose has been renovated and modernised, enough of its original charm has been kept, allowing us to imagine what it must’ve been like to see this legend chilling in her boat.

We think it’s rather elegant and beaming with charisma.

It’s got loads of room for entertaining guests, a classy bar, and one huge bedroom (with a big bathtub in it!). And we love all those big round windows everywhere; it makes the place look bright and welcoming.

Since sailing across the channel to the UK in the nineties, it’s been moored at St Katherine’s Dock marina, a coveted spot in the heart of London. With all the options the city offers right at your doorstep, the location is another definite selling point.

Whoever the lucky person to become the next owner of this piece of history is, we’d like to imagine they’ll play Edith’s unforgettable tune Non, je ne regrette rien (No, I regret nothing) on board, on repeat, on their first day in.

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