As I began to write our blog on the Your Move national radio campaign beginning, this exact question became the subject of much debate here in the marketing office.

So, as with most things these days, I googled it and got an array of options from wawawaaaahoohwa to pheweep and a slightly baffling do do dodo do but I settled on….Weetwoohweettweetwoohwoohwoooh…

Could you whistle the tune that features in our TV and radio commercials?

It’s a bit trickier than you might initially think. Go on, give it a try.

We find ourselves whistling the tune a lot so decided to get a team of potential buyers and tenants into a studio to whistle away and create our radio ad.

The radio campaign launched last week and focusses on our 1000s of potential buyers and tenants whistling the tune. Find out how they got on here.

The ad will feature across the UK on Capital, Heart, LBC and Radio X on their FM and digital channels across breakfast, daytime and drive time and over the next few weeks our radio ad will be played over 5600 times.

If you are interested in a lettings or sales valuation click here

In the meantime….weetwoohweettweetwoohwoohwoooh…

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