It's good to move with free Home Buyer's Protection Insurance

When we’re dealing with things that are important to us – or of high value – it’s natural that we want to protect them.

Here are a few examples that you might just take for granted:

  • Your home. Many won’t think twice about protecting their most valuable asset with home and contents insurance
  • Car breakdowns. If you drive it’s likely that you’ve experienced a breakdown at least once. It stands to reason, therefore, that you’re probably signed up for breakdown cover.
  • Mobile phones. Not necessarily the most expensive thing you own, but a real pain if it gets lost or stolen. Most phone insurance products take away the stress by giving you a new phone within days and helping you recover your important information and photos.

But have you ever considered getting insured when buying a house?

When you’re buying a house all parties – the seller, the buyer and the estate agent – are working hard to make sure everything goes smoothly. But there can be hiccups along the way:

  • Your circumstances may change meaning you no longer wish to pursue the purchase
  • The seller might change their mind about selling and withdraws the property
  • The survey may show that the property has been undervalued

In the unlikely event that his happens to you, you could have lost out on mortgage arrangement fees, survey and valuation fees, or fees for local authority searches.

Great news! For a limited time we are offering FREE home buyer’s protection insurance worth £99.99

To qualify you need to be a Your Move buyer and let us quote for your buildings and contents insurance.

For more info, including all the terms and conditions and details of how to apply, just click here >

Home Buyer’s Protection Insurance – just another reason why it’s good to move with Your Move.

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