It is widely accepted that the summer is one of the best times to put your house on the market. Your property pictures will look great with bright summer skies, your garden will be at its best and potential buyers are keen to find and move into properties before Christmas.

With that in mind, check out our guide to selling your home during the summer…

A good agent will progress your sale even when you’re on holiday.

It’s important that you talk to your agent well in advance of any holiday you may be taking and agree beforehand what the agent should, and should not do, while you are away. Ideally you should be prepared for viewings to continue and to leave a contact number should an offer for your property arise. 

As a seller it’s important, for example, that neither you or your agent make it known that you are away – ensuring, at all times that your property looks occupied – particularly before a viewing takes place. Try and make sure post can be removed from the mat, plants aren’t left in the sink or bath, curtains are open and any timers are not visible.

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First impressions count.

With longer evenings and sunnier days the children will be out on their bikes, the dog getting that extra walk on an evening and all sorts of summer junk can accumulate in the porch or hallway. It’s important to make sure these things are tidied away. Tidy the bikes, dog lead and tennis balls. And while we’re thinking about first impressions try and make sure the path is weeded, front door is clean and that the post is picked up from the doormat.

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Make sure your garden looks its best.

As this time of year is perfect to highlight your garden don’t forget to make sure your lawns are in good condition and regularly mown and shrubs and plants are pruned – particularly high ones which may cast unwanted shadows across a garden. You may even consider planting a few annuals to provide an instant burst of colour or spruce a particularly dull area with a few planted containers. If you have a pond, clear it of any dead foliage and make sure any water features are working properly and are also child friendly. 

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Make the most of the brighter weather.

Summer, of course, also provides an excellent opportunity to point out any external characteristics of the property, attractive garden features or even breathtaking views you enjoy from your property – often difficult to see in the midst of winter. It’s important to take photographs of such features so buyers who view on less summery days can also appreciate their value to the property. 

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Highlight any al fresco dining areas.

Make sure your patio is clean and tidy. Keep patio furniture clean and arranged neatly. Dress your patio area as you would any other room in the house with some solar powered table lights, candles and some small flowers in pots.

Show your home in its best light.

Internally, of course, summer also provides a great opportunity to bring light in to a property. Open curtains wide to light up rooms and open windows or patio doors to bring the fresh summer breezes in – and further enhance the presentation with vases of fresh flowers.

Sunlight can highlight many things you’d rather it didn’t!

We love the long light days the summer gives us but it can highlight any marks and smears on the windows too. It’s important to have clean windows inside and out. Buyers will also be more attracted to a property that has paintwork and guttering that is clean and in good repair.

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If you are thinking about putting your property on the market either call your local branch or complete the online valuation request form and we will give you a call to arrange an appointment.

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