The second instalment of our new spotlight series takes us to Tenby, a charming seaside town on Wales’ Pembrokeshire coast.

It’s a picture-perfect town that’s been a tourist hotspot for generations, with holidaymakers flocking from near and far to catch a glimpse of the medieval town walls, stunning beaches and iconic harbour.

So if you’re one of the thousands of home-movers planning a change of scenery, we’d love to show you why Tenby could be your next move.

We’ve spoken to two local estate agents who know the town better than most, to reveal what Tenby is really like.

In this article, we hope to highlight the best that the area has to offer, and why, if you’re planning a move to a more rural location, you might want to consider this picturesque seaside town.

So what are the main things you need to know?

Average asking price: £267,141

Average asking price, three-bedroom house: £290,859

Average asking price, two-bedroom flat: £224,523

Location: Pembrokeshire, roughly an hour’s drive west of Swansea

Interesting fact: Tenby is one of Pembrokeshire’s most historic settlements, with town walls dating back to the 13th century, and evidence of a settlement in the area as early as the 9th century.

What’s currently on offer?

What do the local agents say?

Ian Kidd, sales negotiator at West Wales Properties in Tenby, said: “People often compare Tenby with places like Devon and Cornwall and buyers find that they get much more for their money over here. It’s a lovely part of the world and every week I speak to people from the Midlands, Bristol, and the South East who no longer need to work in the office and are looking at moving down here. We can offer a great quality of life, we have low crime rates, clean air and clean sea. Tenby has a lot going for it.

“We have a high percentage of second homes, but there is definitely a strong core community in Tenby. The birth rate has gone right up in recent years and more people are moving here with young families. So we’re not a typical, aged seaside community. There are lots of outdoor activities here, particularly ones that rely on the sea and the countryside, which is great for kids and makes the town a great place to grow up. The Welsh government has invested heavily in high speed broadband to make working from home more conceivable, too, so Tenby has that infrastructure and the resources to makes that possible.

“The whole coast of Pembrokeshire is a national park, so we have very strict building regulations. It’s great for sellers with a sea view as that’s actually relatively rare and is driving good prices as demand is outstripping supply in that respect. The other things that buyers are looking for are acreage and outdoor spaces for their families to play in, so there is quite a demand for property the more inland you go as well.

“Tenby hasn’t changed dramatically; it still relies on tourism and agriculture and tourism in particular is an important part of the economy, going back to Victorian times. Tenby was a Victorian retreat, and famous people have always holidayed here. It’s been a real destination town for hundreds of years. Also, the transport links are great; we have a pretty good rail system and the roads aren’t all narrow country lanes. Tenby has been featured in a few property programmes over the past few years, which has definitely caused more interest.

“It’s busy town, but tranquil as well. You can escape on the coastal path and walk for days or you can be in the town centre which is heaving in the summer. In conclusion, I’d say that it’s a stunning part of the world.”

Dominic Subbiani, director at FBM in Tenby, added: “What I love most about Tenby is that we have the most spectacular coastline of anywhere in the country, it’s absolutely stunning. And with the amazing beaches and top restaurants, too, we’ve got a real draw.

“But what I think is one of our main distinguishing factors is our history. We’ve got a truly breath-taking 13th Century castle which is perched on top of Castle Hill. The old town walls are still pretty much intact as well and they combine to create a wonderful maze of narrow streets. And that history carries on throughout Tenby – there is so much character here. For example, there are more than 200 listed buildings around the town, with beautiful Edwardian and Georgian properties lining the streets.

“Specifically from a property point of view, Tenby is one of the most sought after locations you can get right now and many apartments are selling for £40,000 over the asking price, and £700,000 to £800,000 homes are selling almost overnight.

“We’re finding that people are selling something quite modest in the South East, for example, and by moving here can find something incredible by the sea. As soon as something become available, it’s being taken straight away. It seems people don’t want to be in the cities anymore and people want their bolthole by the sea.

“We have a year-round community in Tenby, and the peak season is great for business, but it’s also nice when the winter rolls around and we get the place back to ourselves. People who’ve been in Tenby for some time get used to it.

“Despite being one of the most historical towns in Wales, we get at least one new restaurant or other establishment pop up once a year, so the town is coming on leaps and bounds.

“You’ll find a relaxed lifestyle here, the locals are friendly, it’s an easy-going way of life in this part of the world and if you haven’t visited before, you should come and see for yourself.”

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