As part of our #BranchSpotlight series, we are looking at the interesting and surprising things about Walderslade, a large suburb in the South of Chatham, Kent. Our property experts at our Walderslade branch have let us know all about their local area and why its great to live there, and there are a few things you might not already know…

1. The Walderslade Hoard

Interestingly, a Bronze Age (the historical period characterised by the use of bronze) hoard was found in Walderslade in 1965 when houses were being built. The hoard is a gold penannular bracelet which is now held in the British Museum. Builders found the hoard two feet underground and it has become Walderslade’s claim to fame! The Kent History Forum tells us even more about it.

2. The Home of Buckmore Park

The Buckmore Park Kart Circuit has taught many current and past Formula One drivers including champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button who drove there as small children. The park is surrounded by beautiful woodland and is available to the public to have a go at testing their driving talents! It is one of the most sought-after driving locations in the UK and is very popular in the summer months.

3. The Village’s Expansion

While we know Walderslade today as a large suburb full of residential estates, it was once just a small village nestled within the valleys of the North Downs. However, after the Second World War, the area quickly expanded to create the several estates we know today. These include the David Estate and Walderslade Woods. The large estates now surround the village which is the centre of the town’s commerce.

4. Blue Bell Hill – an area of ‘haunting’ outstanding beauty

This beautiful 12-acre nature reserve is managed by the Kent Wildlife Trust. Historically, this hill was quarried for chalk in the 1700s but is now enjoyed by those who love the outdoors. Not only is it a Grade I Nature Conservation Review site but it is also the location for one of the most famous ghost stories in Kent. For years, motorists have believed that a woman runs out suddenly in front of their cars, and this stretch of road has been the location for many paranormal experiences since the 1960s, spooooooooky.

5. A branch which delivers incredible customer service!

The final thing you might not have known about Walderslade is that the Your Move office offers unparalleled customer service to those wanting to sell, let, buy or rent property. The team there are passionate about their local area, such as Lara Tilley who claims “there is so much to offer in Walderslade, the clientele is lovely and friendly, there are plenty of shops and the houses above anything else are all totally different!” Your Move Walderslade work tirelessly to get the best results for their customers. Here are a few of their happy clients…

“What an amazing team, I was so looked after……. before using them ….. recently thought of doing everything online……. the team at Your Move Walderslade have made me realise how important a local team of great people can be in a usually very stressful time” – Stephen, Trustpilot

“Both my wife and I have been VERY highly pleased with the professional attention we’ve received from the Walderslade Your Move office, particularly with Lara Tilley. Lara has promptly replied to all of my many inquiries and was also key to us finding a mortgage consultant who was able to secure the perfect loan for our needs. I highly recommend Walderslade Your Move to all potential home buyers!” – Warren, Trustpilot

Well they say you learn something everyday and we hope you learnt a little something about Walderslade. If you want to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Waldersalde branch. It pays to be with Your Move.

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