eam GB is doing its thing at the Tokyo Olympics – go, Dina Asher-Smith, bring it home for Orpington.

If you want to get into the spirit of the games and simultaneously add a touch of Japanese zen to your home life you need to think minimalism, balance, and natural beauty.

Here are five Instagram accounts to follow now for some clean, simple interiors inspiration:

A paean to the understated artistry of the Japanese kitchenwares sold at this Notting Hill boutique. Don’t blame us when you start lusting after pointless but lovely objects like its copper ginger grater.

Sometimes weird, often wonderful, this site is dedicated to Japanese grand designs and showcases some seriously out-there homes.


If you can’t make it to this High Street Ken exhibition centre/shop/gallery/restaurant this account is a one stop shop of the best in Japanese design, architecture, arts, and culture.


Yes, Japan is currently stuck on the amber list, but for some interiors/travel porn in the meantime these collection of guest houses to rent are a masterclass in how to do understated Japanese chic.


Meanwhile, in London, artist Kin Leung’s rustic ceramic pieces embody the principles of Wabi Sabi, and the exquisite beauty to be found in everyday objects.


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