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Have you ever been searching for a product online and then it follows you everywhere you go? You may have been browsing for the perfect pair of shoes for your friend’s wedding or the next book to read on your commute to work. Then, you’ll just be innocently scrolling through Facebook and there it is – the gripping crime novel you decided not to buy.

Well, it’s not just entertainment or retail products that can stalk people online. Your Move has now made it possible for properties too, which is great for anyone looking to sell their house to the right buyer quickly.

Introducing Facebook Homebooster – a great new targeted way we are marketing properties.

To let you know how it works, follow Jane’s story in the video below…

What are the benefits to sellers?

  • Maximise price: this product gives your property a projected reach of 4000 buyers, meaning more competitive offers, and resulting in a better price for your property 
  • Quicker sale: with over 1M visits a month1, the popularity of our website means your property will get in front of buyers quicker than if you went with another agent
  • Reach passive and active buyers: the Homebooster targets both those who are ‘just looking’ and those who are actively wanting to buy

The Homebooster is just one aspect of our marketing proposition which helps get your property in front of 1000s of potential buyers.

Want to know more? Book a free valuation today and our local experts will discuss every aspect of our great service with you.

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