We’d like to congratulate Sue Petty, the franchised owner of Your Move Petty Freeman, following her success in receiving a special award from the Mayor of Bexley in recognition of the substantial support she has given to her local community during the Covid-19 crisis and which she continues to provide to this day.

Sue, who is already well known locally for her support and organisation of local fundraising initiatives (for which she has already received numerous accolades), is thrilled with the award and with the overwhelming feedback she has gained as a result.

Sue commented:

“I’m so pleased to be recognised in this way but I’ve also been very touched that people have taken the time to write to congratulate me.  I’ve had 136 comments on Facebook alone – the award means a lot, for that reason alone.

During the lockdown period, in particular, I delivered fruit and vegetables, eggs and bread to elderly people who were unable to get out and I also visited local shops to see if they needed any help.

I made ‘packs ups’ for nurses, which included some treats, as a  “thank you” for the work they were doing and even organised a teddy bear’s picnic for a local school, for the children of key workers.

I think that I’m very fortunate to have a loving family and, whilst I struggled earlier on in my life, I am ‘comfortable’ now and think it’s nice to give something back to the community in which I live and work. The fact is that it doesn’t always have to be about money, time is just as important and I’m just glad I’ve been able to use mine so effectively and that’s it been valued by those I’ve been so determined to help.”

Congratulations Sue and very well done.

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