Research has highlighted that, in light of recent events, the priorities of many homebuyers has now changed and that some are reassessing what they really want from a new home and its location1.

Those with children under 10 or a child on the way, in particular, are placing private outdoor spaces, a bigger kitchen, a strong community, and the energy efficiency of a property, high on their wish list when buying. 

What can sellers do?

In light of this it’s important for any seller to work with their agent in focusing on the positives of your home and how they might meet these new buyer priorities.   

If living in the country, make sure you highlight the best local walks, cycle tracks and the peace and tranquillity the area can bring.  It’s important too to provide information about local transport links, frequency of bus services, as well as community groups and also local amenities that are available. It might not be on such a scale as the buyer is used to, but can offer a welcome alternative to the hustle, bustle and noise that living in a city or town.

If the buyer has children, highlight any local clubs that are available, parks, play areas or sports facilities. Promote too any local nurseries, play groups and schools. If they have a good OFSTED report, promote it. Even if you’ve got good neighbours, perhaps with similar aged children, it could be a good selling feature.

You might also want to focus on how the property could be adapted to meet buyer demand for private outdoor space. Perhaps you could suggest where a new patio area could be developed or new fencing placed – you may have considered it yourself.  You could even suggest that existing concrete paths could become lawned areas instead. 

If you’ve got a home office it’s probably a great selling feature but, if not, promote the spaces or rooms that could be converted in to one. A spare room, a loft or even a big garden can present opportunities to create an office space and it’s important to remind buyers of this.

Providing example broadband and utility costs could also be welcomed and provide reassurance that the associated costs are nothing to hide. You may be able to highlight the benefits you’ve found of working at home yourself.

Overall it’s about making sure that any key features of your property (or its potential for change) are known.  At Your Move we already offer a great marketing proposition and we know the importance of working with the seller in highlighting the very best features of their property and of finding the buyers who are looking for them. Now, in particular, it’s all about Getting the UK Moving Safely and doing everything we can to meet the needs and priorities of both our sellers and buyers – whatever they may be.

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1 Source: 15.07.20

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